In-spiration. The word means to breathe in spirit. To breathe in life force. Sometimes the inspiration is a person, a being of power, a teacher. Other times, the inspiration is a book that contains the precious words of another guide on your journey. When we spend time in the presence of these magical packets of energy, be they people or page, we are enlivened by their curriculum and contribution.

The following wonders of the universe have inspired Evoke Energy Yoga.

We acknowledge each and every for the gift of their work and commit to using it to guide us and heal us so we might be of greater service to others.

Our Primary Teachers


Luanne Barrett

Luanne. Her name is carried sacredly and lovingly on the lips of her loyal students and friends. Luanne. And peeps pause in reverence. How can we express the words that might give ya the tiniest taste of why Luanne, our primary Yin Yoga Teacher, is a beloved legend at Namaspa?

Luanne, we acknowledge you for your patient acceptance of all that is, your literal and spiritual flexibility, and your sense of humor.

Luanne, we acknowledge you for creating a space where we could experience yin energy in our bodies and for introducing us to Yin Yoga and energy medicine practices.

Luanne, we acknowledge you for your deeply earthy and joyful spirit that you infuse into all of your classes and trainings.

Luanne, we acknowledge you for planting the seed of Evoke within us, and watering it with your knowledge, wisdom and legacy—even when you are not physically here and enjoying your big life on the Oregon coast—you are always in our hearts.

Suzie Newcome

Suzie Newcome is way more than a yoga teacher and studio owner. She is a human potential specialist. Suzie sees how powerfully yoga can impact lives and has dedicated herself to empowering others. Like us! :)

Suzie, we acknowledge you creating Namaspa Yoga and for leading our Namaspa 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training like a boss, and inspiring a love for and application of the Baptiste methodology to all facets of our lives.

Suzie, we acknowledge you for shifting our attention to a higher vision of ourselves, our lives and our world—a vision which laid the foundation for our successful and bountiful yoga practice, teaching career and Evoke.

Suzie, we acknowledge you for embodying “we empower ourselves by empowering others”, being open to new ideas, and entrusting upon us to build and seed the Namaspa Redmond studio. We got soooo lucky, right!!




Baron Baptiste, founder of the Baptiste Institute and the Baptiste Power Yoga methodology, we acknowledge you for creating the physical foundation, the bone energy, upon which we built the Evoke practice and offerings.

Baron, we acknowledge you for your walk on this planet and for showing up, waking up and seeing a world around and within you with your unique eyes.

Baron, we acknowledge you for taking a risk and bringing eastern traditions to the United States so that we and our great nation can have an as-lived experience of those words.

Baron, we acknowledge you for keepin it real. We acknowledge you for sharing yourself and your journey so opening and authentically so we can feel safe to do the same.

Baron, we acknowledge you for being our teacher and showing up as the teacher/student with a bold heart of courage and compassion.

Baron, we acknowledge that nothing we say here can fully express our gratitude and love for you and your life’s work. So,

Baron, we acknowledge you for being. And being a badass.


We Acknowledge

Our Teachers and their Practices…

Sarah Powers, Luanne’s primary Yin teacher, who introduced her energy medicine and yoga.

Paul Grilley, Bernie Clarke (who taught Sarah Powers and Evoke) for their wise and articulate manifestation of the Yin Yoga practice.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yogi Amrit Desai and his daughter, Kamini Desai and Julie Lusk for their contributions to the profound practice of Yoga Nidra.

Caroline Myss, Donna Eden, Lauren Walker and Andeo Judith for their brilliant, pioneering work that has awakened the world to the importance of the subtle energy body and intuitive energy medicine practices that give all humans access to health and vitality by mastering their lifeforce.

Petit Davina for the introduction to Peter Wilberg’s work with the deep and beautiful Japanese soul center of Hara.

William Lee Rand for his lifelong mission to share Reiki energy with all those who ask for its attunement, and Robin Fuerst, Brandy and Suzy’s Reiki teacher, for her powerful placements, guidance and loving individual sessions.

May you be happy. May you be safe. May you be healthy. May you be joyful. May you live your life with ease.

Let it be so. Aho.


We Acknowledge

The Spirit and the Word…

Over the years, we have read a bunch of books. Some stayed with us and inform the hot core of our personal and professional philosophy. The people and ideas contained in these pages continually draw us back to them to be pondered and applied. Their words are food for our minds, heart and soul. They nourish us and challenge us to take action.

Of course, the one book not on the stack that needs to be there is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. His whole ‘Be Impeccable with Your Word’ thing is undeniable. Haven’t read it yet? Well then, that’s an opportunity waiting to happen isn’t it? Get thyself to the bookstore poste haste, por favor!

And, there are countless others that have huge influence on Evoke energy and shaped our individual perspectives. Brandy’s include Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, Howard Bloom’s The Lucifer Principle, and Maya Angelo’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

The Yoga Sutras ask us to be in the practice of Svadhyaya. Deborah Adele in The Yamas and Niyamas says “This self-study is about knowing our true identity as Divine and understanding the boxes we are wrapped in. The process of knowing ourselves, and the boxes that adorn us creates a pathway to freedom.”

These precious tools have helped Evoke Energy Yoga bloom and walk eagerly, curiously and humbly on those pathways of possibility.