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Kate KeRRigan

Yoga Teacher in Training, 2019

The Yin I Training workshop I attended was SO good!  It was extremely thorough and chock-full of information… from a detailed handout, to a practice and hands on training. Brandi shared her enthusiasm, clear passion and extensive knowledge with us, which made it fun and enjoyable to learn.  I left wanting to not only practice more yin, but teach it too!

I came away from Brandy Berlin’s 'Evoke Energy Yoga Yin 1 workshop at Namaspa with a new curiosity and enthusiasm for the practice of Yin. The organized hand-out offered a clear overview of the Yin Practice. From History/Lineage to Teaching/Leading Yin Yoga, I was able to get my mind around the 'big picture' of the practice. Rather than overwhelming me with the vastness of the practice....this workshop drew me in and left me wanting more. I went home and used the hand out to drill down deeper in my areas of interest. I also appreciated the wide range of references, offered in the handout, for further study. Overall....great intro to the world of Yin and its benefits.

Andrea Wordhouse

Yoga Teacher in Training, 2019

Maritza Encinas

Yoga Teacher in Training, 2019

Brandy has a lot of Earth happening that grounds people and leads them to trust her to take them through something new. People I imagine will fear things like Yin beyond it being new, but perhaps misunderstanding that through discomfort at times we can find ease. While it's a physical practice, it's really one of the mind and in my amateur opinion, I find that her voice as she taught Yin conveys strong leadership and confidence in guiding and leading. It reminded me of something like out of a movie such as coming do a dark lake and the person in the boat waiting for you holding the lantern is ready to take you across to whatever is waiting for you. You're hesitant, but know you need to go on to find out. Brandy’s ability to connect with others— I could feel it—not something she learned to do in a book on how to act, it is her gift that she’s naturally good at. The training was concrete to understand for a novice who had never done Yin like myself, logical in delivery, and did not feel rushed.