Brandy Berlin

Brandy and her 2007 litter at International School of the Cascades, Redmond, Oregon.

Brandy and her 2007 litter at International School of the Cascades, Redmond, Oregon.


Teacher, Healer, Inspiratrice

Brandy began teaching high school in 1997 at age 24. Barely older than her students, she learned how lead a pack & not get eaten. Her kids taught her how to show up to be with people, how to love them & to be of service. Please note, way the f*ck back then there were no cell phones in her classroom & the internet was just coming online. Her students dealt with the expected range of adolescent angst, but she noticed as the years past their anxiety markedly elevated. They couldn’t focus their energy around other humans. They struggled to look her in the eye. They were not connected to themselves—their bodies, their feelings. They were being crushed in the vice of self-destructive thoughts about themselves & their value in the world. They hurt themselves.

Brandy began to look for tools to support their & her own emotional well-being. That is how she discovered yoga. She began to implement mindfulness & movement into her classes & delivering through her social studies curriculum. Her students’ responses were overwhelmingly positive even in teen speak. “Everybody should have to take this class before they graduate. It’s taught me more than all the other shit they force me to take”, she heard repeatedly. And Brandy silently agreed.

Motivated by her students’ sentiments, Brandy decided to become more vocal about the need for this whole-student curriculum in the schools. In the age of state testing requirements, classes like “Math Lab” parked students in front of computers even if they were emotionally unavailable to learn—which drove their already low opinion of themselves more completely into the shit pile.

So, what to do?

Brandy found she was working within a system she could no longer plug her lifeforce into & still hold her integrity. So, one morning she spoke her mind & by that evening she was free to plug into a different outlet. Brandy re-channeled her energy into facilitating physical, mental, social, emotional & spiritual healing for all humans—not just the young & slightly smelly ones. Heck, her kids were adults now, too. It was time for her to go out & be with all the people. Because…


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